by Mary Tom Bass

The December 2017 announcements of Corning Inc. and Triangle Tire Co. locating at the Kingsboro Megasite were an end-of-the-year windfall for Edgecombe County.

Corning plans to build a global distribution center, bringing 111 new jobs to the county. Triangle Tire will build two manufacturing plants that will create 800 jobs by 2023.

Tim Taylor, a student in the Facility Maintenance Worker program, works on layout and wiring of electrical devices found in a typical electric furnace. According to instructor Dave Rummel, this representation will be used in the Facility Maintenance Worker program as an easy and accessible way to study how a furnace works.

These announcements are the springboard for a heightened commitment and focus on industrial programs at Edgecombe Community College. Two construction projects looming on the horizon will enable the College to better develop and sustain the skilled workforce required by Corning and Triangle Tire.

The Golden LEAF Foundation awarded a $10 million Economic Catalyst Grant to the College for the construction and equipping of a state-of-art Advanced Manufacturing Training Center at Kingsboro. The College will own and operate the center, which will serve employees of Triangle Tire.

Edgecombe Community College and Triangle Tire will collaborate on the design and implementation of a pre-employment screening course for prospective employees as well as training programs for current employees. On-site classes leading to degrees and diplomas also may be offered for employees.

The Advanced Manufacturing Training Center will be constructed initially to meet the training needs of Triangle Tire. However, any industry located at the Kingsboro Megasite or in the vicinity would be trained at the center.

A second construction project, the Center for Innovation, will soon be under way on the Tarboro campus. A ceremonial groundbreaking was held in October 2017.

This facility will serve the high school and adult student populations seeking degrees, diplomas, and certificates in the College’s advanced manufacturing programs, which include Manufacturing Technology, Electrical Systems Technology, Industrial Systems Technology, and Facility Maintenance Worker. Education and training will align with current industry standards.

In the Center for Innovation, the College will create and train the pipeline for the local and regional workforce. Work modules in the new facility will simulate real-world work environments in advanced manufacturing. The facility also will contain a computer integrated manufacturing lab, instrumentation lab, hydraulics and pneumatics lab, electronics lab, motor control lab, and logistics/simulation lab.

The Center for Innovation on the Tarboro campus will develop and train a pipeline for a skilled workforce, and the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center at the Kingsboro Megasite will meet the ongoing training needs of that workforce.

United, these facilities will enable Edgecombe Community College to cultivate, train, and maintain a skilled industrial workforce second to none in North Carolina.

We Can Train You for These Top Manufacturing Occupations

About a hundred officials from Edgecombe County, the Town of Tarboro, local industry, and Edgecombe Community College gathered on the College’s Tarboro campus in October 2017 for a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Center for Innovation. The facility will be the training site for high school and college students, creating a pipeline for workers in advanced manufacturing

Job Titles Regional Average Wage

Packaging & Filling Machine Operators & Tenders $28,100
Team Assemblers $29,300
Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal & Plastic $34,600
Industrial Machinery Mechanics $47,500
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers & Weighers $29,800
Mixing & Blending Machine Setters, Operators & Tenders $34,800
Welders, Cutters, Solderers & Brazers $36,800
General Maintenance & Repair Workers $38,300
Multiple Machine Tool Setters, Operators & Tenders, Metal & Plastic $35,200
Engine & Other Machine Assemblers $39,100
Food Batchmakers $25,200
Industrial Engineering Technicians $43,400