For your whole family:

Open access to

  • College libraries on Tarboro and Rocky Mount campuses
  • Early Childhood Education program’s Natural Playscape on the Tarboro campus
  • Wetlands Trail on the Tarboro campus
  • Edgecombe Performance Series, including many free events

For your students ages 6-18:

  • Over two dozen summer camps with a wide variety of topics
  • Times range from two-hour camps to full-week camps
  • Fees range from $15 to $90

For your high school students:

  • Career & College Promise enables eligible high school students to work toward a College Transfer degree, a two-year degree, a certificate, or a diploma.
  • Program offers free tuition to all high school students who meet eligibility requirements.
  • Transfer classes are seamlessly transferrable to all UNC System colleges and most of North Carolina’s Independent Colleges and Universities.
  • Technical career credentials, certificates, and diplomas offer state-of-art training for employment.

For your high school graduates:

  • Low cost option for the first two years of a four-year degree:

  √  East Carolina University (12 hours) 2018 Fall Semester Tuition and Fees $3,594

  √  Edgecombe Community College (12 hours) 2018 Fall Tuition and Fees $1,000

  • Seamless transfer to UNC System colleges and most NC private colleges
  • Two-year degree options that lead directly to a career path
  • Simple Admissions: Any high school graduate is accepted into the College; placement testing, specified ACT/SAT scores, or high school GPA and math completion determine level of courses available at entry 
  • Small classes, personal connection with instructors
  • Strong academic clubs and Phi Theta Kappa honor society
  • SGA-sponsored student activities